We Think We’re Young

Tonight our friends Lane and Jon came over to Durham with two of their dogs and we met up at Ponysaurus Brewing. We were easily the oldest ones there sitting at the outdoor picnic tables surrounded by young people, many with babies.

Our Babies, Shay, Petunia and Rosie were just as cute as the human babies and oh so popular with the under two feet crowd.

We had a fun night drinking beer, although I had kombucha which I really liked. We had pizza and then walked up the road to Two Rosters for ice cream where more children admired and petted our dogs. We were the oldest people there too.

It helps you stay young if you hang out where young people are. We watched as one good mother of an eight year old tell him not to kick a ball near two year olds. Made my heart feel happy that their are good disciplinarians out there.

Downtown Durham was hopping with young people. Makes my heart happy to live in such a vibrant place.

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