Fiction Sport Vs. Real Sport

Ted Lasso is back…oh yeah and so are the Olympics.

I feel guilty about feeling so underwhelmed about the start of the Olympics while feeling so excited about the return of my favorite coach, Ted Lasso.

My guilt has not been relieved by watching the opening ceremony, of course it is still airing as I write, but the lack of a full audience in the giant stadium and the low key Japanese style in the first half of the opening is not building hype in me.

I feel sorry for all the athletes who have trained most of their lives for their Olympic moment, only to go through it without the presence of their families. Families who also sacrificed for their athlete, not getting to make the once in a lifetime trip.

I do like the cool wooden Olympic Rings made from wood grown from tree seeds brought to the 1964 Olympics by teams from all over the world. The rings feel more Scandinavian than Japanese but have lots of symbolic meaning.

I am sure I will eventually fall into Olympic excitement as the sports begin.

On the other hand I can hardly stand it that I have to wait until every Friday to watch my beloved Ted Lasso. It is by far the best TV Apple TV produced, or any network for that matter. The positivity of Ted is something I hope continues this season because I can really use more of Ted’s wisdom.

So welcome to sports High Season. Let the games begin.

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