Male Resting Bitch Face

This morning I got an early call that I was needed at an emergency meeting. The emergency was not mine, but a vendor’s and they needed a big favor. I went to the meeting, early, as I am always early. Being trained at a young age as a sales person I learned that making people wait for you is the worst way to start off a relationship. It says, “My time is more important than your time.”

My colleague and I waited for these two men to arrive so we could help them with their big problem. They texted two minutes before the meeting that they were going to be late. Nice to let me know two minutes in advance since they were literally walking from their office three minutes away. They ended up being ten minutes late. That had made me mad enough to tell them so.

The very young of the two young men immediately copped a serious “Male resting Bitch face” with me. Certainly the wrong thing to do when you called me to drop everything I was doing, to help you fix your problem.

“Having an attitude with me is not going to make me want to help you.”

I know to this young man I am an old, unimportant woman, but he took this attitude at his own peril in front of his boss. His boss did apologize and tried to back peddle, but it was too late.

My advice to all young people in business is look in the mirror and see what your face does when you are not actively smiling. Customers are going to make you mad, but you should not challenge them by looking like an asshole. Learn to be on time, and don’t expect other people to make your life easier. And for god’s sake, your emergency is not someone else’s emergency.

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