I Can Do It Myself

My mother gave me her beautiful silver chest, minus the silver. It has four drawers but was missing the inserts in two drawers that make it a silver chest that keeps the tarnish away and holds everything in place. I did a little research to find some, but the odd size of the drawers meant that I would need to have some custom made.

There was a company out of Texas (of course) that makes custom silver drawer, cabinet or room inserts to keep your silver in. Imagine having a whole room just to store silver!

I followed the instructions about inquiring about getting custom inserts made. I had to email Patrick and he emailed me back the instructions. It looked like it was going to cost about $250 per drawer plus tax and shipping and take 22 weeks. It seemed slow and expensive to me, but the real kicker was I had to send a place setting of silver for them to keep those whole 22 weeks. What if I was having a party?

I decided this was a project I could do myself, with a little wood working help from Russ. I order $17 worth of Pacific Silver Cloth from the same people who made the custom inserts. There is really only one real kind of silver cloth, the brown kind, which had silver imbedded in it to attract the tarnish causing particles away from your flatware. It is like brown felt that cuts, glues and sews like felt.

I cut a piece of mat board the size of my drawer and covered it with the silver cloth, leaving a tail as big as the board itself. I sewed the edges of the tail so they would not unravel. I drew a template of the piece of wood I needed Russ to cut for the thing that holds the silver in place, which he did twice.

I then covered the wood in silver cloth. I fit the flat, felt covered board in the drawer and added the wood spine. It looks and acts exactly like the $250 model and it cost $8.50. Since I made two I saved $483 plus the cost of not shipping my silver to Texas, and the tax and shipping for them sending it back. So I easily saved over $550. It took about two hours to make.

Too bad I don’t have a room to cover in silver cloth because I could totally do that myself. Imagine how much I could save? Maybe enough to fill it full of silver.

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