You Can’t Change Your Mind If You Are Dead

I am tiring of people not getting their Covid Vaccines. Probably most people who read this blog have gotten your shots and good for you! But as I look at the data I am shocked how many eligible people still haven’t done it.

For people who are afraid of shots you need to close your eyes and get over this because if you get Covid and go to the hospital you are going to have to get a lot more shots than two once you are admitted. If you have any children under 12, get your shots to help protect your kids who still can’t have the vaccines. The more people around kids who are unvaccinated the higher the likelihood you will give Covid to a kid. Yes, children rarely die from it, but do you want to take your chances?

I am tired of watching people on TV who are dying in the hospital saying, “I wish I had gotten the vaccine, this thing is no flu.” You dumb ass should have gotten the vaccine. It is free, available everywhere, everyday. I know people say they can’t get the time off work, but there is a pharmacy almost everywhere where they can get the vaccine any day of the week.

Right now Pfizer and Moderna have submitted to the FDA for full approval of their vaccines. I can hardly wait for those to be done. The Data on 140 million people over the last six months should be convincing. Once the FDA does approve for full use and not just emergency use then insurance companies need to require customers to get the vaccine. If they don’t, the insurance companies should not cover Covid related medical expenses. If you are an anti-Vaxer you should have to pay an extra premium for not protecting yourself. Why should I foot the bill for people who won’t protect the public in general?

Now that we have this vaccine, Covid is just thinning the herd, and I wouldn’t have a problem with that except it also can hurt those people who are immune compromised, or very young.

There are people who say they don’t know the long term affects of the vaccine, but we already know there are a lot of people who have long term affects of Covid, if they survived it in the first place. Pick your poison? It looks like the vaccine’s downsides are less than Covid’s, and now with the Delta variant, unvaccinated people are having a harder time not catching it.

Look to the Manatee County, Florida government building as a perfect example of how Covid and the vaccine work. The IT department had an outbreak of Covid, two people died, four were hospitalized and the one person who was vaccinated did not get Covid. Those four hospitalized people could still die.

I know people who are contrarian just because they want to be. This is not the time to fight the system. You don’t have to tell people you got the vaccine if it is so important to appear not to follow the crowd, just get it anyway. It’s too late to get a vaccine if you are dead.

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