Father’s Day Needs a New Date

Happy Father’s Day to all you father’s out there. I am lucky to still have my father in my life. Father’s Day was never fully celebrated in my childhood home. Being at the end of June we likely had just finished school and us kids were more excited about getting to go swimming than in being good daughters.

My father’s idea of a good Father’s Day is sharing a martini. I’m the bad daughter who gave up drinking

If we did something for my father it was probably cutting the grass without complaining. Well, my sister Janet never complained about cutting the grass and Margaret, being the middle, probably never cut the grass. So to my Dad, sorry that your girls were not great Father’s Day celebrators. Despite our lack of real gifts I do hope my Dad knows we appreciated all he did for us.

Carter is lucky that she has a great Dad in Russ, but she too was away more father’s Days than she was home due to camp starting right after school ended. So celebrating Father’s Day for Russ falls down to me. Given my poor upbringing as far as celebrating Father’s Day was concerned Russ gets cheated. Tonight he wanted Toro Pizza for his special day and he got it. Then there was Shay begging for his crusts. He couldn’t even enjoy is own meal.

I think we could improve our Father’s Day celebration if it happened in October and not June, but I doubt anyone else is interested in that change. For now I want to wish every father a happy day. You are appreciated, even if your kids are not there to do it in person.

The one think I know is that Shay gives Russ the most attention and to her, everyday is Father’s Day. Hey Russ, just take the love you have from Shay and know she speaks for all of us.

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