A Clean Floor Means Happiness

I have been away from home for four days. Russ and Shay were all who were left keeping the home fires burning. I had supplied Russ with plenty of good leftovers so very little cooking was needed. He did a good job of eating some of it, when we wasn’t out with a work colleague having dinner; something he has been unable to do for 16 months.

So after three long days of teaching Mah Jongg and going out every night with friends I was fairly exhausted when I walked in the door tonight after my three hour drive home. I needed to water my garden despite Russ watering it yesterday; which I did before I even stepped foot inside the house. So it came as such a nice surprise to see a clean kitchen floor when I did come in.

We have this black and white tile floor that is a pain to clean. I have to mop and then dry it. I cleaned it before I left for the beach and usually it gets dirty again in two days. Well, Russ must have only microwaved leftovers and made coffee while I was gone, because the floor is in decent shape.

There is something so nice about coming home to a clean house. I never go away and leave it dirty because I know that there are no little fairies who will come and clean while I am away. But if I leave anyone home while I am away there is no guarantee that it will remain clean.

I would like to comend my wonderful husband for basically not messing up the kitchen. He is always good at doing dishes, but floors are way too far from his site line to even register if they are dirty or not.

It was just a nice welcome home. Now if it could just rain for my garden I would be really happy.

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