March 4 is Grammar Day

Today is Grammar Day. I would like to dedicate this day to my cousin Mary Hayward Mundy, who is the best grammarian in my family. If I had my act together I would write my blog and send it to Mary for editing before I post it everyday. Since I limit myself to twenty minutes of writing and then straight to posting, I sometimes don’t even proof read, let alone really edit my stuff. In the world of daily blogging I subscribe to the adage “perfect is the enemy of posting.”

I digress. I am so happy that the Three Precenters did not try and over shadow Grammar Day by trying to take over the Capitol again. I think that plenty of the insurrectionists should spend this day with a Little Brown Handbook. Have you read what those Q Anons write? They might not be so confused if they used correct grammar.

I have two pet Grammar peeves. The first is newscasters and TV reporters who don’t know when to use “she” or “her”. I think that it should be the number one test news directors give applicants. Then there should be a three strikes rule, which includes he and him. They say the wrong thing three times and they’re out.

My second peeve is the correct use of “fewer” and “less”. It is a really easy rule. You say “fewer” for things you can count. For example, “I should have fewer shoes.” Each shoe is distinct and I can count them, given enough time. You use “less” for things you can’t count. “Please put less water in the batter.” You would not say, “Please put fewer water in the batter.” You could say put fewer tablespoons of water in the batter because you can count the tablespoons.” It’s not that hard, but it seems to be the one thing that I always catch when someone says it incorrectly.

As it is Grammar Day, I would love to hear what your favorite grammar mistakes are. I bet that “can” and “may” are on the top of some lists.

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