Jicama Tacos

For many years when Carter would eat dinner at her friend Ellis house she would come home as make me guess what they had to eat. Since Ellis’ Mom Lynn always served something healthy I would say, “Turkey tacos.” Nine times out of ten I was correct.

As I was shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday I saw a product I thought Lynn would love to add to her Turkey taco night, jicama wraps. Inspired by Lynn I went ahead and bought them along with a pound of ground Turkey breast.

Now I am a big flavor cook so tonight when I went to make the parts of taco night I had to go bold. I triple seasoned the Turkey meat as I browned it and then added water and cooked it down so the spices could take over. I chopped a whole big onion and sautéed it, added canned black beans and so much cumin, garlic and cayenne pepper you could. smell it outside. Then I made a little slaw with rice wine vinegar and carraway seeds. Add the hot Pico, sour cream, cilantro and avocado and it was a lot to fit into that little jicama wrap.

The wrap was a little slippery, but once I folded everything inside and took a bite it was a winner. Since it was just me and Russ, being messy eating it made little difference. The jicama takes all the guilt out of taco night.

I can’t wait until I can serve one to Lynn. They may never eat anything but Turkey tacos ever again.

I think that tomorrow I might try and slather a little hummus on the jicama wrap and shred some carrots and a slice of beet and see how that is. Maybe some grilled shrimp and cherry tomatoes with a bit of guacamole. The possibilities for these things could go on and on.

One Comment on “Jicama Tacos”

  1. beth says:

    i’ve seen these, but never tried them, i’ll have to give them a whirl

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