Last Hours at Home

As the hours waned for the time we had Carter at home she did some little things to make both me and her father happy. For me she created a little spa. We did moisturizing masks, while she had spa music playing on the TV. It was as close to a spa as we could get. I felt pampered and relaxed as we lay back on the giant sofa listening to the tinkling of bells.

After she finished with me she took her ultra moisturized face outdoors to play basketball with her father. Thankfully the rain had stopped and the sun came out so they could enjoy one last game before she left us for Boston.

We have had an enjoyable three weeks home together. Adult children are so fun, why couldn’t they have been like this when they were in middle school?

Despite the surge in Covid, Carter is ready to go “home,” which is what she considers Boston. She starts back to work full time at Bain Capital, but is only doing co-op this semester so she will not be half as over worked as she was last semester. She still is taking one class online because she knows she can handle four, so why not take one?

I hope that the pandemic can slow down, we all get vaccines and Carter can eventually go back to work at the office. I want to take my annual road trip to New England at some point this summer or fall. I think it is going to be a long time before I can see her in person again. For now I am going to cherish this Christmas holiday we had together, as well as my at home spa.

Good luck Carter. We loved having you home.

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