Tomorrow is Carter’s Birthday

Twenty-two years ago tonight Russ and I could hardly sleep. We were waiting to get up at four in the morning to go to the hospital so Carter could be induced. We had waited a long time to meet her so it was no surprise we couldn’t sleep.

Tomorrow is Carter’s birthday, as Russ says, a day that will live in infamy. I like to think that as it is Carter’s birthday we can reclaim the day, at least in our family as the happiest day in our life.

Carter was an excellent baby. She was a great kid and she was a teenager, enough said about that. But she is a wonderful adult who makes us so proud.

2020 is the worst year of birthdays for everyone, but as Carter says her birthday is especially tough in college as it falls during exams. I hope she can salvage some bit of fun, but messages to her would be lovely.

I am especially proud of her this semester as she has worked full time, while taking a full course load and TAing two classes. It was a more than full schedule, but some free time is in sight.

Happy birthday to my fabulous daughter. Being your Mom is the best job I ever had.

2 Comments on “Tomorrow is Carter’s Birthday”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Mine was Saturday Dec. 5. 75 years! I was born in a snowstorm in MO. NAmed Carol because when my mom woke from having me there was a group in the hall singing Christmas carols. You see I was supposed to be a boy so they had no girl names picked. I totally understand the December birthday thing though my mom did have a rule that NOTHING Christmas happened until my birthday was FULLY over. That included craft things like making Christmas candles and ornaments which she did a lot of. That rule is gone since we start Christmas before Halloween now!


  2. Happy Birthday to Carter. What a wonderful young woman she has become!

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