Ultimate Recycling

This is the giant box my Christmas tree came in. It was a work of art. I was instructed to cut it open on one corner. From there I unfolded multiple layers of thick card board to uncover the bagged tree ready to be rolled out of the box once I cut the straps holding it in place.

Instructions on the box asked me to please thoughtfully recycle to box. Hooray! I had the perfect job for all that cardboard. So I spent a good hour cutting the box down. It had many layers, some thicker and some thinner. I dragged the huge pieces out to the garden where the parts of that one box covered every inch of the pathways between the raised beds.

Apparently cardboard under wood nuggets is the best way to prevent weeds from growing in my garden paths. So I covered the whole place and will purchase the nuggets to be spread tomorrow. This will complete my project for the winter.

I think I can safely say that I have recycled that box in the best way possible. No fuel was used to move it and it will break down overtime in my garden, eventually turning into soil. Until then it will act as weed blocker. A win-win for me. I know you will be glad when I stop writing about this project.

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