Oh Happy Dog Day

I came home from Trader Joe’s today with a special dog Advent calendar. Shay somehow knew it was for her. How? She has never had an advent calendar before? She is a church going dog and sits on many committees as all good Presbyterians do, but she has not made advent a priority in her life.

Well, times have changed. She looked at the advent calendar and looked at me and sniffed right on the number one door. Okay, it’s not December 1st yet, but it is 2020, so I let her open the first door and have the treat – Two salmon and sweet potato coins. She was quite happy with her haul.

And like all good Presbyterians, she did not ask for more. She knows that she must wait until tomorrow to have the honor of opening the number 2 door.

As she will finish her advent calendar well before Christmas I am going to have to either skip some days or come up with a second calendar. We shall see if she remembers to ask for her treat everyday. She’s pretty smart so I think she will be demanding it.

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