Sunrise at Lowe’s

How do I pass the time waiting for election results all the while Covid is growing? I wake up early and make my list of needed hardware for the day. Then I go off to my Lowe’s. Yes, I am claiming the south Durham Lowe’s as my own.

I know men and women who work in lawn and garden, hardware, plumbing, lumber and especially customer service by name. They know me by my project and ask to see photos of my progress.

I refuse to go to a restaurant and eat there, but I will go and push my cart throughout the whole Lowe’s store, steering more than six feet from all other people. Today I had to buy two carbon Monoxide detectors for the building at church I am working on. Ted, one of my regular Lowe’s helpers, asked me why I needed those for my garden? I had to laugh.

Today as I was finishing up installing the irrigation system I got a little teary. I think I am done with things they sell at Lowe’s, at least for a while. Now I am awaiting garden soil delivery and then I will search out wood chips. Then my garden will be set and ready to go into winter hibernation, awaiting early spring planting.

Thank you Lowe’s for keeping me busy and occupied. If we don’t get results soon I may have to come up with a new project. Anything other than cleaning out the attic.

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