Biding My Time

As the counting of the votes continues I needed an activity to take me away from what I can not control. So I started building the irrigation system in my garden. Working with PVC pipe is almost as fun as legos. I am thankful for my life of solving puzzles and Carter’s childhood of a million Thomas the train pieces I put together.

It was a perfect day here weather wise so being out in the soon-to-be garden was glorious. I cut PVC and glued joints, creating my future self-watering system. While I worked I listened to an Audible book Russ had in our library, “HI Bob” Bob Newhart talks to younger comedians. It was the perfect way to occupy my time.

I got the hardest part done, digging the trenches. Then I tackled the second hardest part creating the complicated pipes at the start of the run. Eventually I started to lose light so I left the half finished system. I realized I need to take stock of my pvc right angles and “T” pieces and go purchase a few more before I start up again tomorrow.

Doing something I have control over is my best remedy for the waiting. Listening to funny stuff also helps. The funniest thing I heard was a story a Bob told about his best friend Don Rickles’ wife talking about going to buy burial plots. When she told Bob they had bought eight plots Bob asked her why eight since they needed 7 for their family. She replied, “Don doesn’t want anyone next to him.” My telling doesn’t do it justice, but it struck me as hysterical. So much for biding my time.

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