Furnace Came On Today

It has been many months since we have needed heat, but this morning our furnace turned on as the temperature inside the house reduced to the level requiring heat. That familiar smell of the dust burning off the burners in the furnace was the first sign that winter is coming.

The heat was only on long enough to break the chill, but not actually warm the house up too much. The real sign that summer is over was my need for a blanket for my feet while I watched a movie this afternoon. I know that today was the coldest day and that it will be warmer this week, but I see our outdoor life dwindling in the next few weeks.

Normally I am tired of hot weather and looking forward to the cooler temps, but not this year. With Covid we have enjoyed seeing people outdoors. I am not exactly looking forward to those days like March when we stayed hidden away, alone in our own homes. As the rates of infection have shot up I am not letting up on my safety protocols, so I am hoping that fall stretches out for a very long time.

It seems like Mother Nature could throw us a bone on the temperature given all the other crap she has given us this year. Not that I am encouraging global warming, just a nice long drawn out fall like we used to have in the last century.

So here’s to staying warm. I hope you did not need your heat today. I don’t own a fire pit, but maybe when I’m done with the garden project I could get to work on that. Hummmm, wonder where I could put it?

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