The Price of a Hairdo

Today was my haircut day. I had skipped my last haircut as I am thinking of growing my hair a little longer. What better time to try than now when no one really sees me. Even if they do see me who cares. I am an invisible middle aged woman. Although I had canceled my last appointment with plenty of time for my hair dresser to book my slot I tipped her extra. I certainly want her to stay in business and Covid does not make it easier.

On my drive home from getting my haircut I was listening to a story of the radio about some of the expenses 45 claimed so that he could reduce his tax bill to nothing or the practically nothing amount of $750. One of the items was $70,000 a year in hair dressing costs during the Apprentice. I tried to calculate how much would have to be done to his hair to get the cost up to $70,000.

I don’t see how the hair on the left cost $70,000 a year when it looks similar to the hair on the right. Photo from the Boston Globe

Let’s say the Apprentice was a 24 week run for the year. That is the normal network run of a show, although I am not sure 45 filmed that many a year, but giving him the benefit of the doubt. That is just under $3,000 a week for hair styling. When he was filming the Apprentice he was not “on camera” that much so he shouldn’t have needed to have camera ready hair everyday. As I look back at pictures of him from the show, vs. his hair now it is fairly similar.

So it begs the question, who is doing his hair now? The cost of personal grooming is not something a President can charge the tax payers, at least it hasn’t been for every other President. So if his hair is the same now as it was then was he always doing his own hair? Yes, he still needed haircuts, like all of us. He may do some coloring, because depending on his orange tone skin the hair made need to change. I am just not getting how he could spend $70,000 on that hair.

Based on my double tipping of today I calculate I spend $1,000 a year on hair dressing. I can not even imagine how I would have enough time in a year to spend $70,000, even at NYC prices. And that is just the hair question on his taxes, imagine how many there questionable things there are.

One Comment on “The Price of a Hairdo”

  1. dee7064 says:

    Maybe you should ask the esteemed Johnny Edwards!! He was FAMOUS for getting his hair cut at an expensive rate! And I thought “Vanity, thy name is woman!” was just a slogan. Sigh. WRONG!! It applies to men. Some men, that is. My husband is excluded from this group. 👏👏👏👏 His haircuts cost $16.00 each time. NOW we’re talking! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Diane Wade – Sent from my iPhone


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