The Best Helper

There was no more beautiful music to my ears than an e-mail from the wonderful Kim Garcia asking me if I needed a teenage boy to come work with me on my wall. I jumped at the chance to have the hard working and so polite Brandon come and help me for a few hours today.

I got up early and did two hours before it was time for YouTube church. It was extra hard work because I was figuring out the connection of the new wall to my old railroad tie wall. Happily, I figured out the answer to my dilemma and made a good connection. I was soaking wet from those hours of work so I showered just so I could watch church clean. It seemed wrong not to.

After going and getting our flu shots with Russ, I was back out at the wall. Brandon arrived right on time and did not complain one bit about having to move 150 twenty-one pound blocks from the driveway to a pallet closer to the wall or directly to me as I was building. He was doing the hardest work, but did not break a sweat, carrying two or three blocks at a time. I, on the other hand, was drenched in the first half an hour, but was so pleased with the amount we got done today.

Thanks to Brandon’s hard work I can easily build the last three courses I think I need. I guess I really should say, thanks to Kim for thinking of Brandon coming to help me. He was an incredible worker, who even when I offered him breaks did not take them. I see the end in sight for this project. I still have a lot of back filling to do, but that is just good exercise. It is a lot easier to build the wall as it gets higher because I am not bending over to do it.

Tomorrow, it’s time to order some fill dirt. Oh, the excitement is almost overwhelming.

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