Slow Covid NC

Yesterday Dr. Mandy Cohen, the North Carolina secretary of health and human services announced a new app to help with tracing for Covid. It is called Slow Covid NC. You down load it for free onto your phone from the App Store. As long as you have your blue tooth enabled the app keeps track of all the phones you come into close proximity to that also have the app running.

If someone tests positive for Covid they are given a PIN number which they enter into the app. Then the app will notify anyone who was in close proximity in a period of time that you might have been exposed. If you are notified you can get tested for Covid and find out if you have it. They don’t tell you who the person was, or exactly where you were near the person because the app does not keep track of places, just some random Bluetooth token. This way your privacy is protected.

This app helps us slow Covid by alerting people who might be a-systematic from unknowingly spreading the virus. It may save the lives of people you love and live with.

The only way this works is if a majority of us get the app. The North Carolina version of the app also works with other states versions of the same technology. So if you go to Virginia they are running a similar program and you will be covered there too.

Please consider downloading this app on your phone. If you live in another state search to see if your state has a Covid tracing app. The more of us who use technology for contact tracing the faster we can get back to normal. Of course having the app does not protect you from getting Covid so you still need to wear your mask, wash your hands and stay at least six feet apart from people.

Spread the word about the App. Get everyone in your house to download it. Help slow the spread of Covid!

One Comment on “Slow Covid NC”

  1. Debi says:

    This is great, but at the same time, it’s so disappointing to hear how far behind the rest of the world, the US is, compared to the other 190-odd countries that have way less wealth and resources.
    Australia has had a country-wide app since the end of March, and later, a newer, COVIDSafe app became available for download in April. By May, 30% of the Australian population were running a COVID app on their phones. (However, there has been little evidence that the app has been any more effective than the manual contact tracing that we have here which is doing a brilliant job of identifying potential cases to be contacted and tested).
    One thing I believe that is different here in Australia though is the fact that more people feel invested in coming together (figuratively) to try and slow the spread compared to the US. For instance, NC with 10M population has had 195k cases with 3,316 deaths, whereas NSW (Sydney) with 8M population has had 4k cases and just 53 deaths.
    I sincerely hope that Americans wake up soon and realise that even though they make up just 4.25% of the planet’s population, they currently account for 22% of the world’s deaths from COVID.

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