A Needed Break From Unpleasantness

Day before yesterday I got an email from the Cary Quilting company, a place I often buy fabric to make quilts. In the email I saw they had a Facebook group called Sew and Tell. So I signed up for it. Then I posted a photo of the quilt I made for my mother. I instantly was inundated with the kindest words and positive feedback. The likes and loves came pouring in from women I did not know.

I was a little taken aback. I had forgotten what a non-political world was. The kindness and support reminded me life used to be like before we had gotten into the divisive place we are now in. People were sweet.

It was a place I wanted to return to. I am wondering how we can all become quilters who just want to share ideas and tips. Nothing about sickness or masks or campaigns. Just love.

When the news starts to get to me I am going to post another photo of another quilt just so I can get that shot of niceness. We all need a nice place to go where we can be rejuvenated and feel supported. Thanks kind quilters. I think I need to get to work on a new quilt for my psyche.

5 Comments on “A Needed Break From Unpleasantness”

  1. Frances Dowell says:

    Quilters are the best!

  2. beth says:

    what a refreshing and wonderful reminder. and it that is the quilt, it is lovely

  3. jane carter says:

    it is the most beautiful quilt in the wolrld and i wake up to it every morningmakes my heart sing

  4. NANCYE Bryan says:

    Dana, it is assuredly a charming piece of work. That you did this for your mom makes it all the better!

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