Quilting Outlet

Russ is in Washington so I have had time alone just to create. Carter has a co-worker who is having a baby so I have been making a quilt for her. I asked Carter what colors and she said, “Grey, pink and white.”

I am certain Carter thought I would do sweet baby colors. Instead I did bold and dark colors. I also did multi sized wonky stars. One reason I did this was to be able to work some symbols into the quilt. I recreated the Bain Capital logo in greys, and one small cross and the initials of the parent’s first namesi. The center squares of stars. Most people would not see these symbols, but I like knowing that the quilt has deeper meaning that just a blanket.

Now that I have finished the top and made the sandwich of batting and a backing with it I will start the “quilting” process and then finish with a binding on the edge. A baby quilt is my favorite thing to make. It takes days not months. I hope that Carter’s friend will use it as it is not meant to be so precious that it sits on a shelf, but instead is laid in the yard for the baby to lie on, or is dragged around the house and becomes a lovey.

For me it is a creative outlet during this lonely year. I don’t know what I would do everyday if I did not have ways to make art with fabric or fibers. When I am done with this quilt I probably should start on Christmas gifts as I don’t know of any other babies coming.

2 Comments on “Quilting Outlet”

  1. beth says:

    Beautiful work

  2. bernieLynne says:

    I also love making baby quilts — my favourite gift and favourite make! I don’t usually do complex patterns like yours but each of my grandchildren got custom designed ones (done by their momma) that were outside of my normal! Also like you — I really want them to be used and not stored in a drawer or a shelf.

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