I Blame Russ

I wish that I could say I was more productive today, but I fell under the spell of the new 2,000 piece puzzle Russ gave me for Christmas. He didn’t exactly give me this one puzzle, but a puzzle of the month club. I had the choice which subscription to choose from and I picked the 2,000 piece.

Two grand is really a lot of pieces. My friend Mary Lloyd showed me her family puzzle set up over Christmas where they use two tables, one for sorting pieces and the second to assemble. So I set up a similar set up today to start the sorting.

Just touching 2,000 pieces takes a long time. I didn’t do a total sort, just looking for the edge pieces, the sky, the green roof and any piece with words. I didn’t do such a great job. As I was putting the edges together I realized I must be missing at least ten to twelve edge pieces. I am not going to go on a search just for those, but I did go on to work on the sky.

I took many breaks to try and do something more productive, like walk, laundry or cook dinner, but I have to say it was mostly a puzzle day. I blame Russ since he was working all day and Shay was keeping him company. If on,y he had wanted to clean out the garbage than I might have not been so bad.

I did make a red lentil yellow curry for dinner that was very delicious. The photo is proof that I was not completely childlike today.

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