Double Church

There are very few Sundays when a Russ and I go to two church services on the same day. Today was one of those rare days. Since I was the lector at the 11:00 AM service we kind of had to go to that one. It was a good service, regular Westminster Sunday, but this afternoon we went back to church for a very special service, the ordination of our new youth pastor, Alex.

Alex Strayer-Brewington came to our church almost two years ago as the interim youth pastor after our beloved Taylor got called up to be a head pastor in Georgia. Taylor was big shoes to fill. Alex was just out of Duke divinity and this was a good gig to get. Alex is a Lumbee Indian, not your normal Scottish Presbyterian. He is calm, except when playing his banjo.

Alex captivated the kids and a year after he started as interim our search committee started looking for the right person for a full time youth pastor. Alex applied along with many other pastors who knew that Westminster is a great place to work. We value youth and that is why we call an ordained pastor just for them.

The search committee did its due diligence, as all good Presbyterian committees do. They investigated many candidates and after much work by many people discerned that the best person was the one already in the youth suite on Sunday nights, Alex.

The congregation was thrilled that was the conclusion. So we had the pleasure this afternoon of ordaining Alex in our own church. I am certain he is going to continue to be a kind and thoughtful minister who will inspire youth to do good in the world. Westminster is one lucky place.

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