Sad Dog

Tomorrow Carter will have been back in Boston a week. She was ready to go, but Shay was not ready to let her leave. So all week Shay has been moping about looking for Carter.

Thankfully Carter has not had as much time to miss Shay as she started her CO-OP job which she reports loving. For reasons of confidentiality I don’t want to say where she is working, but it is a big time place that I never would have been able to get a job at. Having this opportunity to work at a real job for six months in the middle of her college experience is the best way to go to college. I am so happy things have worked out this way for her.

In the mean time, Shay is home with me where not much is happening, especially when I leave her so I can meet my Food Bank Board friend Felicia for lunch. Catching up with a good friend is wonderful, I just wish Shay could join me.

She sits at home lonely, waiting for Russ to come home from Chicago. At least she will have her number one person for the weekend. I used to think Shay was the luckiest dog, but her despondency without all her people makes me sad for her.

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