‘Tis the Season to Go To the Movies

Coming home from college is boring. I remember coming home and wondering why vacation was so long. Carter has been fairly good about not falling into the sleeping 15 hours pattern just because she doesn’t have any real work. Russ has given her a few assignments which have kept her slightly occupied. When she finished those she and I went to the movies.

I gave her the pick of the fist movie we would see and she picked Frozen II even though she had already seen it in Boston. Once you love Disney movies I guess you always love them.

Since I had never seen Frozen she made me watch that at home to prep for the sequel. So this afternoon we went to the AMC right by our house. It is never Carter’s first choice now that Silverspot exists in Chapel Hill, but it was close and half the price.

Half way through the movie I heard my phone drop on the floor. Finding it was a disgusting operation and now I know why we pay double at Silverspot. Despite the need for sanitizing my phone, I did like the movie.

Thankful that we got Carter’s choice out of the way I am ready to see Little Women, Bombshell and perhaps Knives Out, 1917 and Richard Jewell. I know the big movie is Star Wars, but I have a confession. I have never seen one Star Wars Movie. The first one came out when I was in high school and since I went to boarding school we never saw any movies. Once I was behind on that national obsession I just never jumped in.

Chances are I might only get one more movie in during the season and if that is the case it will be Little Women, even if I have to go alone. Maybe I should leave my phone in the car so I don’t risk dropping it again. Looking at that floor made the thought of going to the movies a lot less appealing.

One Comment on “‘Tis the Season to Go To the Movies”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Knives Out is great. Very funny and Jamie Lee Curtis is wonderful in it.
    Carol Walker

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