Short But Yummy

After a little bit of Macy’s Day parade this morning we packed the car full of roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, pies, cranberry, rolls and stewed tomatoes and went to the farm. My father had not slept for two days under the stress of preparing a turkey, stuffing and creamed onions. When we revived he was just at the start of the creamed onion roux so I took over from there so he could sit down. My mother had set a beautiful table and her part was done.

Soon after I completed the onion operation our friends Lane and Jon arrived with gifts galore; An apple pie and homemade cream to be whipped, wine for my Mother and a rare pair of Northeastern book ends for Carter. Sadly their daughter Isabel just got a job in NYC and was not able to come home for Thanksgiving.

As my Dad poured double-double drinks for those who wanted a bourbon I worked away in the kitchen finishing up the reheating of all the food. Lane oohed and ahhed over my mother’s needlepoint and shared the joy of her magnifying contraption to aid in her stitching. My mother was so thrilled with it Jon immediately jumped on Amazon, found an improved model with a light and ordered it as an other gift for my mother. Lane and Jon are certain to be invited back.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal. Carter’s mash potatoes were such a hit that everyone wanted to know her exact recipe. It appears that years of perfecting the right cut size of the potatoes and a huge amount of salt while boiling, along with old fashioned hand mashing does the trick. Of course the rich amount of butter and cream and garlic powder don’t hurt.

After lunch we took a walk with a Shay and when we got too cold went home for pie. My Dad took at nap before Pie and it was decided that we would not stay the night. We cleaned the whole kitchen which went very fast with Lane and Jon.

After they left Russ, Carter and I made at stop at my Aunt’s house and saw all our cousins and got in a few laughs before we headed home in the dark. This means that Christmas can begin the throwing up around our house tomorrow after we have had our annual day after Thanksgiving with our friends the Toms. It was a yummy Thanksgiving with great company, one I hope was repeated at your home with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

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