Historical Breasts

Warning this blog is about one part of the female anatomy. If the words or the photos might possibly offend you stop reading now. You have been warned.

Today I had the pleasure of attending one of Ruth Caccavale’s wonderful tours of an exhibit at the Nasher Gallery of Art. If you have never been to the Nasher in Durham it is worth a visit. If you go inquire about when Ruth is the docent because she is excellent.

Today she was showing us the “Art for a New Understanding – Native Voices 1950’s to Now” a modern look at Native American and First Nations artists’ work. It is a traveling exhibit curated by the Crystal Bridges museum in Arkansas and worth the effort to see.

I got to the Nasher early because Ruth had warned us of potential parking issues. Since I had an extra half an hour I chose to look through the Collection Galleries of works owned by the museum. The gallery had all kinds of art, from old masters to modern, sculptures and Greek artifacts.

One thing that struck me in the first room I went in was a painting of a nude woman reclining with a bunch of odd items sitting on her body. I was not phased by the fact that she had a lamp sitting on her pubic area, or a wine glass on her stomach. What struck me first was the fact that her breasts stood so perfectly proud as if they had no movement, or that one did not sag to the side even just a little even though she was tilted that way.

I walked around the corner and encounter two more naked women, one in a painting and one a sculpture who despite no visible means of support had breasts which stood at attention, upright and straight on. They were fairly modern works and the woman portrayed were young. Perhaps it could be considered possible.

I turned the corner and came upon an old master of a heavenly theme, there in the bottom of the painting was a muscular woman whose naked breasts could have two halves a ball cut in down the middle and placed on her body. Although she is leaning over her boobs are not.

All these naked breasts that in no way resemble the fall to the side ones I am more accustomed to. Then I went to the Native Art and although Ruth did not talk about these works I saw two pieces with saggy long breasts. At last, breasts for the over 35 crowd were represented in art. It was refreshing. These boobs represented the old joke, “What size bra do you wear?” “36 long.”

Through out history, mostly only the perfect or idealized are represented. Well, wake up people, the Natives at least accept reality.

One Comment on “Historical Breasts”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Amen. Perfection is not in my world!

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