September Birthday Girl

My Monday monthly Needlepoint group takes the summer off because two of our members spend the summer in the mountains. Today was our first fall get together and it happened to be Karen’s birthday month. This means we have cake at Needlepoint in lieu of eating lunch. Isn’t that the perfect way to justify cake.

I often make the cake instead of giving a gift since I am anti-accumulating more stuff or contributing to others accumulating. I had been wanting to try and make a 12 layer cake and Needlepoint birthday is about the only reason I could try this out.

Yesterday after studying many recipes I settled on one in the New York Times. The cake is kind of like a chiffon, that you just put a bit in the bottom of a well prepped pan. Cooking time for the layers is about six minutes. I actually made 14 layers with the amount of batter I had, but as I was running out of icing I only used 12. I thought an 8 inch cake was tall enough.

The icing was a boiled one and although it had nothing resembling a peanut or peanut butter in it is had a slight peanut butter flavor with the chocolate.

After I had completed the cake I noticed it had a definite list to one side. Next time I try a 12 layer cake I am going to make a collar for it and hold the layers in place and chill it before putting the outside icing on.

It was a very sweet cake and after my piece I felt a little sick. I hope no one else had the same feeling.

Karen insisted that we get a photo of the inside of the cake with all of us and thus the strange positions of us all. Karen should be the front and center as the birthday girl!

One Comment on “September Birthday Girl”

  1. Fiona says:

    Dana! You are truly amazing!!! It looks delicious!! and what a brave woman you are to make this!!! ❤

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