No Time Like the Present

One of the beauties of being empty nesters is we can decide at the last minute to do something unplanned. Our role models for this are our church pals Davis and Joan Bingham. They sit in our section of church. Today Davis was the lector and Joan was just behind us. Russ had to go sit with Davis up front as he was the Elder presenting a child, Wyatt, for baptism today.

Davis is not the lector Russ needs to be compared to. Davis is the best reader, bringing life to the most difficult lessons. Russ held his own up there and baby Wyatt was perfect during his baptism.

After church we stood to go out and before we did we spoke to Davis and Joan. They said we should have lunch together after church one day. We whole heartily agreed. Then Davis said, “What about it right now?” When your almost ninety year old friend asks you to lunch there is no reason to wait.

So we went over to the Cedars, the most lovely retirement community In Chapel Hill and had a great lunch with them. Once seated I saw Stephen, the best manager who used to work at Hope Valley and he came over and gave me a big hug. I told him we had left the club after he did and he said he loved working at the Cedars and we could come there. We are still a little ways from needing to move to a retirement community, but it was a welcoming offer.

After lunch Russ and I went up to the Bingham’s apartment so they could show us around and talk a little more. It was a fun way to spend out after church meal with such fun people.

I hope that when Russ and I are almost ninety we have friends who are two thirds our age who actually like us as much as we adore Davis and Joan.

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