My Sister, The Coach

Tomorrow is my sister Margaret’s birthday. This month she is going to finish her accreditation in coaching. Margaret has survived cancer and depression and has turned things around in her life with the help of a coach. She discovered that her true calling was to help other people who have big issues to find a better path to good things in their lives.

I am very proud of how she has changed her own path and discovered this talent for helping others by using her insight to draw people out. This is surprising to me in some ways, but not in others.

Margaret has done some amazing things in her life. Like when she was in her first semester at University of South Carolina freshman year she knew it was not the right place for her. Without telling our parents she went to visit Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, got her self admitted and came home at Christmas with all her belonging and told my parents she was transferring. It was a big thing to do on her own.

Later in life Margaret had a successful decorating business in Boulder and Telluride Colorado and Washington DC. She worked with celebrities and regular folk alike. When the likes of Wayfair came along it totally changed the decorating world. Suddenly the internet gave regular people access to decorating that had only previously been available through decorators. In many ways decorators are even more needed now, but the internet makes it harder for them to make money.

Margaret, knowing that decorating was not going to pay the bills, went back to school for coaching and has done an extraordinary job helping people already. If you or someone you know needs direction consider getting a coach.

Margaret is just one, but you can visit her website The Bright Life Coach with Margaret Carter. She has been able to take her life’s experiences and turn them into action plans for other people. I am thrilled that Margaret is starting her next year off on this exciting journey.

Happy Birthday to Margaret. Joy and Peace.

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