Making Money on Sharpie-Gate

In the category of “You can’t make this shit up” we have a Sharpie-Gate. We all know the story. 45 claims that hurricane Dorian is going to hit Alabama. Government hurricane officials say he was wrong. Dorian was not going to hit Alabama. 45 can’t stand being told he is ever wrong and not one to EVER admit any little or HUGE mistake someone took the hurricane map and used a SHARPIE to add Alabama to the cone of possibility.

I am not going to concentrate on the childishness of coloring on a map to make yourself seem right. That is nothing new. I am not going to concentrate on the thousands of fabulous memes that have been created with 45 and other Sharpie exaggerations. They speak volumes on their own.

No, I am going to point out that Newell Brands, the parent company of Sharpie had a nice little rise in its stock after Sharpie-Gate. Sharpies only make up a tiny portion of Newell Brands 200 products, from pens, to cookware, like Calphalon, Crockpot and Mr. Coffee, baby goods Graco, Rubbermaid and many more.

Under the old adage, all publicity is good publicity, Sharpie-Gate was good for Newell, thanks to 45. So when he says he is good for business, is this what he is referring to?

I think if you want to benefit from 45 you need to pay close attention to any gaffe and then invest in products that were involved in said gaffe. The products will get publicity and often that is good for the stock.

Sorry you have already missed the run up on Newell Brands, that is until 45 throws a Mr. Coffee across the Oval Office at some unsuspecting visitor. It would be interesting to know what stocks his children are invested in? Maybe Sharpie-Gate was on purpose.

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