The Drive Was Worth It

I spent the majority of my day in the car driving up to Washington. This trip used to be a four and a half hour drive. Back in the eighties when I made the trip regularly for work I could sometimes make it in four hours and that was on a weekday. I don’t think I have made it to or from DC in less than six hours in the last decade. Today it was over six hours with one stop at WaWa for Iced Tea and Lemonade.

I had left Russ home alone with Shay he is being ordained at Church tomorrow. Carter is sitting for the Prebble kids for two days so she couldn’t come. I have to be in Baltimore tomorrow for a memorial service and I didn’t want to make the drive up and back in once day. My family’s DC apartment is empty so it makes a good stopping place.

My sister Janet and her girl friend Sophie came to pick me up and take me to dinner at the Bombay Club. It has always been a favorite place of mine from back in my DC days. Time spent with Janet and Sophie is always the best. I was glad to get to see Sophie right now because she lost her mother earlier in the week. That is just something no one is ever prepared for.

Thankfully the restaurant gave us a comfortable table in the back where we told stories and laughed and had the best time. I am certain we monopolized the table longer than the restaurant had planned on us being there. If they asked I would had told them I had just driven six hours and deserved a few hours with my sisters.

We tried to get a photo of the three of us, but we should have done it before drinks and dinner rather than after. Sophie wanted to know if I could take the best one of each of us and put them together. Maybe on another day, but now you just get all the bad ones. The photos don’t represent how much fun we really had together. Love you Jan and Soph. Thanks for dinner.

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