Pray for RBG

Today news came across my watch while I was at bridge about Ruth Badder Ginsberg having been treated for cancer on her pancreas. As if we don’t have enough to worry about with 45 and his tariff happy rants these days. The news said she was cancer free, thank goodness, but we need to do everything possible to keep her alive and well.

If anyone can overcome anything it’s RBG, but let’s have a back up plan. Perhaps the brilliant people who are left at the MIT Media Lab can rehabilitate their reputation after the news that they have ties to Jeffery Epstein and make a clone of RBG in case we need her. If they can’t get a fully working constitutional expert cloned perhaps a convincing robot.

Certainly 45 can be fooled by a robot. He seems to be attracted to robot like women. The best way ensure he buys the robot as the real thing is to have one that compliments him on anything since all he wants is adoration. He will never say that anything that thinks he is good is not real.

Seriously, if you are the praying type, please pray for RGB to live at least another thirty years. We need every bit of her.

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