School Supplies

It’s the beginning of August and the T.V. is full of ads for back to school shopping. It is a time of year I loved as a child. I waited patiently until my mother would take me to Boyd’s the stationary, toy and office supply store in the village of Wilton. I would pick out my light blue cloth covered notebook. It was a classic and I wonder what happened to those durable notebooks.

I would fill a pencil pouch with all kinds and colors of pens and pencils. New wide ruled paper filled the rings. I would carefully write my name on the inside cover of the notebook in the little square provided with the prompt: This Book Belongs to:. It was a free for all on what we bought for school supplies. I got everything I could convince my mother I needed.

When Carter started going to school we got class lists which were prepared by her teachers with the precision of a scientist. They tried to keep it to exactly what the kids would use that year, nothing more, nothing less. Carter, like me, loved our trip to Staples to buy her supplies. She had to go to Staples because they had color extra sturdy notebooks with black rubber corners that could make it a whole year without ripping. They were top of the line, much like my cloth covered notebook.

Carter may still be in school, but I have nothing to do with supplies other than provide her with a laptop that she uses year after year. Instead the back to school shopping I am doing this year are for things like “Renters Insurance.” Russ is in charge of determining which WiFi provider is the one Carter should sign up with. Instead of making her a smock for art class in pre-school I am sewing her throw pillows for her sofa.

The cost of back to school supplies this year will over take all other years combined thanks to the need for furniture and stocking her pantry. Now I think of things like toilet brush and plunger combos as a school supply.

I am not complaining because I realize the number of years I get to spend this back to school shopping time with Carter is closing in. Although, when I was talking to her as she was finishing up her summer school program in London she said, “Mom, you can help me move into my place when I move back to London to work.” So I guess I will transition from school supplies to apartment supplies. It just might not be in August.

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