Happy Dance Day

Excuse me, while I do a little happy dance. Two good things happened in our family today. Carter texted me that she got a big promotion at her University Job. She is a Coordinator for the Explore Program, which is the place that I decided majors go at her school. She has been a mentor and a TA and getting the coordinator job is something she really wanted so I am very happy for her.

My news is less momentous, but very exciting for me and news my mother will appreciate. My bridge partner Deanna and I came in first in our section at bridge today. I know it does not sound like much but I am by far the most novice player in the room of 56 players. We were second in the whole room, beaten by a couple who are a retired bridge teacher and both life masters.

We also got 3.2 points each today. To put this in perspective I have 17 points total. I was playing against people who have thousands of points. It’s big for me. Of course I win no money, just pride. I also didn’t make any major mistakes, just a few minor ones.

Bridge is a life’s work and one I don’t work at half as much as the people I play against. I am lucky if I play twice a month and I play against people who play many times a week and go to tournaments and play morning, noon and night for five days in a row. For me, my goal is just not to embarrass myself or Deanna who generously plays with me when she is sought after by better players. getting anything over 50% on any of these roles is huge. For me to get over 50% in all of them has never happened before.

Sorry for the celebration. These things just don’t happen that often. I had to do a little happy dance.

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