Painting Again

After 14 days straight of painting my cabinets so many people said to me, “I bet you are never going to pick up a paint brush again.”

Well, it took less than four days for me to feel the need to paint again. So yesterday I picked up that brush and roller and got to work.

See, I had only painted my cabinets and not the walls or soffits. They were a wheat color which I loved with my pine cabinets and hated with the white. The lower walls are going to be tiled as all back splash so I have been less bothered by the old color knowing the new blue tile will come in a couple of months. Yes, I am picking a tile that has to be made so I must wait. The soffit is another story. That wheat color was all I could see when I looked at the fresh white cabinets.

So I painted a coat yesterday and another coat this morning. It may need another, but I am going to let this one fully dry before I make that decision. Russ might like it to be a different color, but I like the one color look to make the cabinets look taller. We will vote again after the tile is done.

It wasn’t so much space to paint, so the time commitment was not much, but cutting by hand up by the wood trim so far above my head was hard and reaching over the refrigerator to paint a steady straight line was not the easiest. For now, I am happier. It wasn’t so painful to paint again. I am looking around at what else needs touching up. As long as it is not a whole room of cabinets.

One Comment on “Painting Again”

  1. Janet K Carter says:

    I am so proud of your paint job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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