“Arguably the Best Wednesday Ever”

Those were the words uttered by Logan Toms as he, Lynn and Ellis left our house tonight. Today is Logan’s birthday. It also happens to be the day that the first of many moving vans came to their house to take some of their possessions to storage. The Toms are moving out of their house, which they sold, to a rental while their new house is being built across the golf course from us.

The best support I could be was to have them for dinner to celebrate Logan. Logan is not just a wonderful friend, but easily one of my favorite people to cook for. He is an adventurous and appreciative eater. He savors every bite and peppers me with questions about ingredients, cooking methods and inspirations for dishes I make.

Russ suggested I make fish taco for Logan’s birthday and it was the perfect choice. I decided to go Baja style tonight which meant frying the fish. I think the batter I made was my best effort ever and the fish was good and not at all greasy. I will post this recipe sometime later this week because I don’t want to forget it. Along with the fish we had fresh corn tortillas slaw, homemade Pico, spiced crema, cortina cheese, cilantro and fresh lime wedges. As side dishes I made spiced black beans, a yummy corn salad and the pickled squash I just put up.

Ellis loves the corn salad best so I also have to post that recipe because I certainly will forget it by next week. After dinner I taught Ellis how to made homemade crispy taco shells. She is getting ready to move off campus when she goes back to college and needs more dishes in her cooking repertoire.

Logan loved his raspberry birthday cake even with the terrible singing by Lynn, Russ and myself. Ellis declined to sing. Shay listened well.

All in all, it was a fun, fun night, a yummy dinner and a great celebration with sweet friends. We can hardly wait until they live mere steps away from us. I hope Logan knows I don’t cook dinner like this every night.

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