Dogs Aren’t Getting Botox

I love what researchers study. I can imagine some graduate students sitting around trying to figure out what to do their thesis on that hasn’t already been studied. This week a study was released explaining that dogs developed the ability to use their eye brows to make their eyes more expressive and thus communicate with their humans.

This “puppy eye” effect is like a silver bullet to the heart. A dog can get their owner to do almost anything when they give them that puppy look.

Researchers say it is all in the eye brows. The eye brows control that pitiful look that both humans and dogs make to get their way. That being said, humans should think twice about getting Botox and losing the ability to use their eye brows in an expressive and effective way.

No one is looking at any wrinkles on your forehead or between your eye brows, but they certainly are noticing that you can’t plead your case with your eyes. Dogs know the power of the eye brows and are never going to do anything to guilt you into giving them a treat. Proving once again, Dogs are smarter than their owners.

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