I Should Have Bought The Pattern

I like aprons. I cook enough that I wear aprons often. Most of them are what are considered Chef’s aprons. They have a strap that goes around your neck and they tie around your waist. They are fairly good at keeping me clean, but I often find that my neck hurts after wearing one for a long time.

I saw a Japanese apron in some show that is made of one piece of material that criss crosses in the back with no ties or extra straps. The weight of the apron is carried on the shoulders rather than the neck and I decided that would be an improvement.

I set out to figure out how to make such a garment. Of course I found lots of help on Pinterest and you tube with many entrepreneurs offering patterns for the simple apron. Some patterns are simply downloads which you then print out on your own computer and tape together. Think of printing out 50 papers and taping those all together.

I decided I could make this apron without a pattern. It seemed simple enough. One large piece of material that is only sewn at the shoulders. I laid the material out and cut the first prototype out freehand. I basted the shoulder seams and put the apron on. It was much too big. I cut some of it down before I ironed the raw edges and sewed them twice turning them I to prevent unraveling. I also put some pockets on the front.

I tried the apron on again, too big. And the pockets were in the wrong spot. Carter walked in as I was trying it on and declared it a fail. I should have gotten a pattern. Now this prototype will serve as a pattern for what not to do. Oh well, I can always wear this one when I paint the kitchen.

2 Comments on “I Should Have Bought The Pattern”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    I’m with Carter on this effort

  2. Morgan says:

    Or I can just give you a west Queen Studio apron

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