Out to Dinner

Carter and her friend Ellis went to the movies and dinner tonight leavening me and Russ home alone with the same leftovers we hav eaten the last three nights. Actually, Russ has been eating those leftover the last seven nights. So to escape the chicken Shwarma at home Russ invited me out to dinner.

I was not exactly dressed for dinner and didn’t feel like changing. He suggested a new Indian place and said I could go in my shorts. Since I love Indian, I agreed.

We drove up to ninth street and parked the car. We were quite sure where the place was, but ninth street is not that long. After walking the length of the street it turned out we parked at the totally wrong end. We moved the car to be closer since it was going to rain and when I got out of the car the second time I said, “I can smell an Indian restaurant. We must be close.”

As we rounded the corner I saw the sign for Lime and Lemon. If I had known there was a restaurant called Lime and Lemon I would have gone there the first daytime opened regardless of the kind of food. Lime and lemon anything are my favorite.

Just before we got to the door Russ said, “Don’t tell Carter we are going here. She has been dying to try this place.” Wait, how did she know about it and I didn’t and you want me to lie to my daughter? I convinced Russ that it would be OK that we came because she went to the movies without inviting us.

We ordered our standard Indian fare so we could judge the quality. The Bhindi Masala was not as good as Sitar’s, but the butter chicken and lamb vindaloo were better. Russ texted Carter a photo of the the food. Her response was “What the f#*&.” No worries we hardly made a dent in it and brought it home for her for tomorrow.

From now on I guess I have to check with Carter before picking a place for Russ and me to go alone. I can’t imagine we are going to find a place she doesn’t care about going to, but it is just too bad, we are going anyway.

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