It’s A Christmas Present

Carter gave me a 1000 piece puzzle of the Cinque Terre, since we hiked it when she was younger. It was an inspired gift, tying together something I love with a beloved memory. I felt like it was my responsibility to use this sweet gift right away. It may be a hardship, but I could suffer through.

Since I do puzzles on my game table in the living room I have a less than a week deadline to finish any puzzle because we need the table for Mah Jongg. So I broke the seal on the box Thursday and began working on the outline of the puzzle. It became apparent that this was not a normal puzzle. The edge pieces fit together in multiple combinations making it difficult to ensure I had it right.

The plan to finish this puzzle in a week seemed daunting. Then came the cold and rainy weekend. Ah Ha! The perfect excuse to work my puzzle and have a fire at the same time. I worked diligently for two days and am still a long way from being done, but it has been so fun and a little guilt inducing. But it was a gift from my only sweet daughter so a I must push through. What a sacrifice I am making.

One Comment on “It’s A Christmas Present”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Only a brilliant mind and nonstop personality could want to finish this puzzle. As for the guilt- get over it. You do so much for so many people-enjoy this gift!

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