Best Throw Back Christmas Gift

Growing up in a converted barn in Connecticut meant I was cold, no freezing, five months out of the year. I guess that saying our barn was converted is generous. It was still more barn than house. There were places that you could see the outside through the barn siding. Porous would best describe our house.

When you add our lack of insulation in the old thin walls to the fact that our house was huge meant that heating the drafty large rooms was an outrageous expense. Top that off with the fact our furnace used oil and it was the time of the oil crisis. It is no wonder that we all were consistently frozen inside our house.

If you were in one of the rooms with a fire place you could supplement the heat with a giant fire. Thank goodness we had many acres of woods behind our house that we harvested dead trees from. If you were in a bedroom you only had one tool to counteract the indoor fifty degree temp, an electric blanket. Regular quilts and comforters did nothing to get your feet warm enough to be able to fall asleep.

I cherished my light blue electric blanket despite the fact that it was very scratchy. It had ten heat settings and I would start the night off at ten and just before going to sleep turn it down to four once my bed had gotten toasty.

As I aged and got to chose where I would live so I moved south and lived in places where I had no need for an electric blanket so many months of the year. Although even in North Carolina we have cold days I could use one I never got another electric blanket, until this Christmas. Russ and Carter thought I could benefit from a new and improved electric blanket.

Yesterday it was very cold and I decided to break out my new gift. It is so much softer than my original model and the wires don’t seem to be as hard. It only has five temp settings and the middle one is more than hot enough, at least for my better insulated southern home. Who says you can’t go home again? I feel like a kid under my new electric blanket.

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