New Fangled New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to you and yours. I, for one, am happy to see 2018 go, especially the last month. Between my Dad being so sick and the stock market it just was a poor month, not to mention anything to do with government.

So I welcome 2019 as a better year to come. Granted my Dad will have his operation and nothing much is going to change with the market and we still have the same lame leader, but all those things have a chance for improvement, mostly my Dad. As an optimistic person I am seeing the future as brighter than the past, but I am going to try and control what I can control and give up on what I can’t.

Resolutions are not really my thing probably because it almost always the same one, to fit into my smaller clothes. Since the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome I am going to try a whole new approach to my resolution. This year I am not going to buy anything new except for consumables, like toilet paper and milk. I looked around my house and decided I have enough of everything and more that a person can need.

Not only will this resolution save money, but I have to fit into the clothes I already have. If I want something “new” I will have to reduce a little to be able to go shopping in my own closet. Actually, own closets since I have clothes segregated by size in multiple closets. I really would like to get into my “closet of dreams,” but that will take all year.

Along with not buying anything new I want to use what I have in my pantry and have a total turn over. I am certain that I will have to create a lot of interesting new recipes. If any of them are any good they certainly appear on the blog.

Along with not buying myself anything new I am going to try and make as many gifts as I can. This will not apply to everyone, like Carter, because I doubt I can make her things she want, but for the rest of you, just wait.

It will be an interesting year to see how I do with this new way to get at my goal. At the same time it will be fun to see how much money I can save as well as time. I have no need to look at any of the hundreds of emails I get trying to sell me something, because I won’t be buying.

One Comment on “New Fangled New Year Resolutions”

  1. susan ketch says:

    I like your resolution. My mantra is going to be ‘pause and pivot’. I will pause more often to consider, reflect, and ponder. I will pivot if I find myself doing, going to or being something that doesn’t feel right. Prayers for you Dad.

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