Bridge Toddler

For the last year I have been back to playing bridge after more than a decade off. Bridge is not a game that stands still. It evolves constantly and ten years away from Bridge means you have to relearn the whole game in a new way. Worst you have to unlearn what you do remember. I have a great mentor in my friend Deanna, who is an excellent player and teacher. Sadly she is in high demand to partner with much better players than me so we don’t get to play as much as I need to improve.

Today we played in a sectional tournament. Since she has many master points I have to play against much more accomplished players. As we were playing, Deanna would warn me about the Professional Bridge players we were going to be going up against. It is daunting to play with people who have made their living in bridge for twenty, thirty or forty years. They are the original gamers.

It was a tough morning. We hardly got any cards, mostly picking up hands with four or five of the forty points available. The couple of times one of us had an opening hand the other would have two points. That means we played defense most of the day. By the last board I was so cross eyed I trumped my partner’s winner. I heard about that. Thankfully I was not playing in the afternoon section. I pray Deanna had a better afternoon with her other partner.

So I left bridge to go meet my friend Jan and her almost three year old grandson, Gray, for a late lunch. Gray is a delightful toddler. He shared his crayons with me and offered up a bumble bee for me to color. He also was a good sport about entertaining himself so Jan and I could talk.

I decided at that minute that I am better at coloring and talking to a kid than I am at bridge. I am not sure that I am young enough to really learn all the new conventions there are in bridge, but I will keep at it since it has to be good for my brain and will keep me alive longer. Based on the number of people on walkers or oxygen at the tournament I am like a bridge toddler. Of my not coloring skills counted for anything.

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