Souls to the Poles

Early voting started in North Carolina. Russ and I have never missed a chance to vote, but ever if there was a year to vote, this is it. Here in the great North State we have six amendments that need to be defeated. Our legislature, in a unprecedented power grab, are trying to pull the wool over voters eyes. I am praying that enough smart, well informed voters come out and vote.

We don’t have a lot of major offices up for grabs here, but it is still important to make your voice heard with the best power we have in a democracy, your vote.

Russ and I left church and went right downtown to the board of elections offices to vote. They have free parking. They even have curbside voting for people who can’t easily walk in the building. The place was full of voters, but the line was not long when we got there and it all moved quickly. I was happy to see the line getting longer when we walked out.

Don’t wait for Election Day. You might be sick. Make sure to have your say in how we are governed. Good governance does not happen on its own. It takes honest people and honesty and politics don’t always go together, as you might have noticed.

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