I Can Fix It Myself

How many times did I hear that when Carter was a toddler. It was the joy of being independent! I can’t imagine where she got it from.

We were lucky here in Durham that hurricane Florence did not get us too badly. I do know people who still had their basement flood, or lost big trees, but compared to down east where the flooding is still engulfing whole communities, we are nothing.

At our house part of the driveway apron washed away and then there is the roof leak that is causing me to redo five ceilings. There are some jobs I don’t try and do myself, like anything electrical or major plumbing work, although I am great at unclogging things.

While Russ has been inundated with work I decided that I could go ahead and fix some of the hurricane related issues at our house. Why should I use a professional when they are so needed by others?

Today I went to Home Depot and got high impact cement and large pond stones and I cemented the side of the driveway apron that got washed away and covered it the stones to make it look pretty.

Then on the inside of the house I had a section of the ceiling cut out by my painters after it had gotten too water logged and started to mold from the roof leak. The painters left a giant fan to help dry out the floor joists in the attic before we move forward. After they were dry I wanted to stop the air conditioning from all going up in the attic. Since quilting is my newest skill I quilted a new floor for the attic. Just like toddler Carter, “I can fix it myself.”

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