Movie Pass Sucks

When Movie Pass first came out it seemed too good to be true. Pay $9.95 a month and you can go to see a movie everyday for free. That was too good. They were banking on people not going everyday. Like me. I only went once or twice a month.

Then they changed their plan, and the new plan was still fine with me, three movies a month. That was still was a savings. So I kept the service. Until today.

I was going to the movies with my friends Lynn and ELizabeth. It was the first time Lynn has been out of the house that was not the hospital so we were excited. I got to the theatre that is one Movie Pass services. I tried to check in for our movie, A Simple Favor, and the Movie Pass app said it was not showing at that theatre. Sorry app, you are wrong. I tried to do the chat on the app to get Movie Pass to approve my movie, but the Chat kept crashing.

As I was holding up the line and could not get anything to work I bought a ticket. I sent an email picture of my ticket and explanation to the Movie Pass email and they said, “No Dice.”

Well Movie Pass, “No Dice to you.” I canceled my subscription. When your site does not work in the two ways they have for me to use the service I have paid for you are cheating and stealing.

So Mitch Lowe, CEO of Movie Pass, good luck getting another job, you have failed miserably at Movie Pass.

Oh, the movie was great.

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