Moral Flexibility is Not a Good Thing

After coming home from a five day news break I was bombarded with the latest news of Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort’s days in court. What followed was 45 on Fox talking about Cohen flipping, meaning he made a plea deal to turn in a bigger fish, namely 45. The most shocking thing to me is 45 saying, “I’ve known all about flipping- for 30 or 40 years…I’ve had many friends involved in this stuff…”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I know or have ever met someone who is a flipper, let alone have many friends who have been on one side or the the other of a flip. See, a flipper is a criminal. Only someone being charged with a crime needs to flip someone else on a bigger crime. In essence, the president has just said that for 30-40 years his friends have been criminals.

Before you jump all over me, it’s 45 who said right on TV… “Many friends.” I am not inferring any thing, just quoting. He didn’t say, “I know one guy, who might be my in-law, who flipped.” Just “many friends.”

I know politics is a dirty business. If we look closely at many politicians we are going to find stuff we don’t like, but what I can’t get over is the moral flexibility the Trump supporters seem to have to stick with him.

I remember when the far right used to be the self named “moral majority.” They weren’t just the run of the mill, good ‘ole republicans who believed in small government and states rights. No, these were people who used the Bible selectively to try and squash people’s personal rights, like marriage equality and the right to chose what to do with our own bodies, and equal rights. They claimed the moral high ground.

Well, you moral majority, why aren’t you using your bible to point out that robbers, thieves, and adulterers, who are in power now are doing anything wrong? How quickly you abandoned true morality and lay down for this person who as far as I can tell has confessed to many immoral acts for years. 45 is exactly who he always said he was. But you moral majority, you are the flippers now.

What I wish for is for all the republicans who want to save whatever morality and backbone they have to start a new party of centerists. And perhaps many of the center leaning democrats will join you. It can be a party of common sense. Conservative on spending, and liberal on rights. Sticking with a guy you wouldn’t leave alone in a room with your beautiful daughter is not a good idea.

5 Comments on “Moral Flexibility is Not a Good Thing”

  1. Kathy McKee says:


  2. Jane C Wagstaff says:

    Perhaps you should read “The Great Revolt” and understand WHY people were so disgusted with the corruption in our leviathan of a government, the class of elites who wish to tell everyone what to do, and the growing infringements on our freedoms swung the election. The media is no longer giving us the facts but has more influence over our elections than Russia and China could even dream of. As it looks in your comments, you believe “the right”, Republicans and conservatives are bad people whereas we think progressives/Democrats are just people with bad ideas. Until that changes, the division within our country will not change. Happy to have intelligent thoughtful conversation any time. I do find the concentration on the moral deprivation of 45 without any serious reflection on why half of the country was so disgusted with the status quo they were willing to vote for him to be baffling. Do you ever think about that?

  3. dana lange says:

    You really need to read more closely, as I never say that republicans are bad people. More of my relatives and friends are Republicans than not!

  4. dana lange says:

    And Janie, I ma’am glad to hear you just think that Democrats are people with bad ideas, but I fear you are not the majority based on the crowds at Donald Trump rallies who continue to chant “lock her up,” when Hilary is a non-entity now.

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