National Ed Carter Day

Sorry if today happened to be your birthday too, but today is reserved for my Dad who turns 80 today. It is shocking to think he is 80 because he hardly seems any different that when he was 30. Maybe because he hasn’t changed one bit.

It helps when you lose your hair young, because then you don’t age. You don’t get grey hair when you don’t have any. It helps that your vocabulary is still as colorful as ever. I never worried about Carter learning “bad” words from my Dad because they were said just like regular words and with the same frequency.

If you look up the definition of generosity in the dictionary there is a full color photo of my Dad. He always has advice for everyone and usually it is correct.

If you ask him to write something it will be long, even if you were just looking for a summary. He wants to know you are really paying attention to him when he talks and you know he is serious about it when it starts with, “Follow with me now…” And it always starts with “Follow with me now…”

He might make you mad, but he is often right. Maybe you are mad about the way he tells you, because he will always tell you when you are going the wrong way.

If he likes what you are telling him you will know it because he says, “yeah, yeah.”

There has never been a better story teller, but you probably should cover young children’s ears.

He never thought he would be 80 because he started many conversation with me as a young child with, “I have to tell you this before I die.” At first I was worried that he was going to die that or the next day, but then I realized he has a lot to tell me before he dies so it is not going to happen anytime soon.

If he likes you, you are the best person on earth and if he doesn’t you are a dumb ass and no one is in between.

So on this National Ed Cater day I just want to tell this before I die, now follow me, he is one funny son of a bitch, yeah, yeah.

2 Comments on “National Ed Carter Day”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    Happy Birthday to ED! Miss him and our excursions to New York. I think I still may have some old Avon cosmetics!

  2. jane carter says:

    yeah right on so funny I cried love it crazy family but lots of color

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