Socks Or A Chicken Sandwich? Chicken Sandwich Or Socks?

Most dogs given the choice will chose a chicken sandwich – not Shay. There has never been a dog who liked socks as much as she does. When Russ comes home from work he puts his gym bag in his office. At some point during our dinner Shay will disappear upstairs and then we here her whining. That’s her tell that she has opened the bag, routed around and now is carrying two socks in her mouth searching for a place to hide them.

The fact that she is whining completely ruins the hiding. We know her hiding spots and know when to look for the socks once the whining is complete.

Tonight we were still enjoying dinner when Shay reappeared in the kitchen, whine free. Instead she stood by Russ begging for some of his chicken.

“Chicken, oh no Chicken,” Russ said as he bound upstairs.

I had no idea what he was talking about until he returned with a foil ball the size of a baseball.

“I had half a leftover chicken sandwich in my bag, but the sock stealer did not seem interested in that. She just took the socks.”

Thank goodness Shay did her whining sock stealing routine. If she didn’t Russ certainly would have had a leftover chicken sandwich in his bag all weekend.

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